Your Brain Explained

Your Brain Explained will support young people aged 11-25 to develop a dynamic understanding of positive brain health through our brand new touring theatre production onsite in your school, college or venue. We will bring our immersive and inflatable light-up dome, introducing young people to their brains through interactive and sensory theatre. The play can also be adapted for KS2 audiences and young people with SEN. 

Your Brain Explained supports the PSHE health and wellbeing curriculum, enabling young people to make well-informed, positive choices for themselves around brain health through our interactive play.

Through Charlie’s story, young audiences will be able to recognise the early signs of mental wellbeing concerns, supporting someone with dementia & how to manage ADHD in a world of increasing overstimulation & technology.

Using neuroscience & immersive theatre, young people are guided into their brains to explore how physical, mental & social activities, alongside sleep, can promote positive mental wellbeing to reduce their chances of developing early onset dementia by 40%.

PSHE Physical health and mental wellbeing, Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, Living in the Wider World, GCSE Science (Biology)
GCSE Drama, Stimuli for Devising Theatre unit and Live Theatre Evaluation

Please email for further enquiries. 


Silent Mind

Silent Mind is a positive and inclusive experience for young people aged 11-25. As an interactive piece of theatre it actively involves young people to participate in wellbeing and mindfulness techniques. It will inspire thoughts and views on mental health awareness through safe working practices in drama. We can perform Silent Mind onsite in your school, college or venue. 

We focus on positive growth mindsets which help to build confidence and encourage expression from groups who may otherwise find it hard to participate in PSHE or drama based activities.

PSHE Physical health and mental wellbeing, Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. GCSE Drama and Devising. 

Please email for further enquiries. 

Creative Wellbeing CPD

Creative approaches, mindfulness and theatre making, supporting students to enter into a reflective process of self discovery, awareness and compassion.

To deliver lessons that focus on positive growth mindsets and which help to build confidence.

Reflection and assessment - changing our vocabulary and challenging stereotypes

Practical teaching strategies to support the PSHE - Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing curriculum

7 essential resiliency skills - Emotional awareness & self regulation, impulse control, optimism, flexible and accurate thinking, empathy, self-efficacy, connecting and reaching out.


Drama Workshops

3 Hour Drama Workshop

 Starting from £250

6 Hour Drama Workshop

 Starting from £500

Dance Workshops

3 Hour Dance Workshop

 Starting from £250

6 Hour Dance Workshop

 Starting from £500

Music Workshops

3 Hour Music Workshop

 Starting from £250

6 Hour Music Workshop

 Starting from £500

Consultancy Service

Price List

Standard | £250

10 consultation hours
Focused support and advice throughout your planning and development process, embedding key principles into your long-term artistic programme.

Premium | £500

20 consultation hours
In addition to the standard package, we can review work, help design user feedback, deliver or advise on accessible and engaging content and provide independent critical feedback on all aspects of project delivery.

Gold | £750

30 consultation hours
All the benefits of standard & premium with extra features such as:

  • Provide critical feedack and proof-reading services for funding bids
  • In-person support & facilitation training for staff
  • Co-designing bespoke resources & leading consultation sessions with target groups

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